Like any great pairings, good food and good wine come hand in hand at Amici. The wine is sourced and imported from the San Salvatore Farms in Campania.

San Salvatore was founded in 1988 and is located within Campania’s Cilento National Park farming a total of 97 hectares of which the vineyards play home to 21 and a half. The vineyard prides itself on its all natural processes and treatments to cultivate the land. Their ethos revolves heavily on being kind to the environment while maximising the taste of the wine it produces.

From the rich silky notes of the Jungano red to the fruity and full bodied Calpazio, Amici’s varied wines from San Salvatore will satisfy a solid range of palates.



The grapes for this wine are carefully selected by hand. Maceration at low temperatures for 6 hours gives this wine an elegant bouquet and long persistence thanks to its intense minerality. Hints of banana, acacia, and whitethorn.



This fresh and easy drinking white comes from the trio of grapes Fano-Greco, Falangina. With an aromatic, floral and fruity aroma this wine is perfect to enjoy with light appetisers or as an accompaniment to a seafood entree.



This soft tasting wine is fermented at controlled temperatures with a long maceration. Fining for 12 months in Tonneau, the wine spends 8 months more in the bottle before release. Hints of ripe plum jam and spices carefully measured with clove and cinnamon.


Gillo Dorfles

This soft and silky wine spends 20 months aging in new French oak and then another 8 months in bottle before release, contributing to its exuberant tannins and great balance. Notes of ripe fruit, tobacco, cinnamon, pepper and hints of hay of rare finesse..



The Falanghina fermentation process is at low temperatures and includes ageing in tanks for 6 months. The result are aromas of cedar with accents of acacia and hawthorn. With extraordinary minerality on the palate, this is an excellent wine to pair with fresh cheeses like Mozzarella di Bufala and is also very good with shellfish and seafood.



After fermentation at controlled temperature, the wine is aged for a year, blended and then aged for a further six months in bottle before its release. The result are aromas of fresh fruit, cinnamon, and sweet spices. Rich on the palate with silky tannins and a long finish.



This full bodied red comes from the Aglianico grape. After controlled temperature fermentation the wine is aged for one year. Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that when aged, develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs and sun-tanned leather.



This dry wine is made using purely the Greco grape. Armed with excellent aciditiy and a fresh, clean, grapey flavor profile, Greco wines are best consumed young. They tend to oxidize in bottle relatively quickly (within just a few years of vintage), resulting in nutty, caramelized flavors. This fresh tasting wine pairs wonderfully with pasta and shellfish.



This wine is made without the use of additional sulfites. The grapes are pressed very gently with fermentation taking place in stainless steel tanks at very low temperatures. Pale straw yellow with greenish reflections. The nose hints of cut apple, pear and cassis. In the mouth, tangy mineral, and ripe fruit like apple and apricot.


Pian Di Stio

A very fine and elegant wine with a great bouquet rich in notes of acacia and hawthorn. Great finesse makes this wine seem like a Sauvignon from Trentino. These special characteristics are due to the location of the vineyards, which are 550m above sea level.